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2014 National Competition Results

64 students from Massachusetts competed at the Kenneth E. Behring National History Day Contest
at the University of Maryland at College Park in June, 2014

2014 National Results

The state had 7 entries in the run-offs with 2 Senior entries winning 2nd Place and 1 winning First Place.
Three other entries won special prizes.

First Place, Senior Individual Website

Mary Joens

"The Nuremberg Trials: An International Responsibility to Uphold Justice"
Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School
Teachers: Kristen Borges and Vincent Bucci

Second Place, Senior Group Documentary

Liz Perrotta and Laura Jennings

"What You Don't Know Can Hurt You: The Public's right to Know vs.
The Government's Responsibility to Protect"
Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School
Teachers: Kristen Borges and Vincent Bucci

Second Place, Senior Paper

Valerie Tomic

"The Patent Eligibility Trilogy"
Lexington High School
Teacher: Lawrence David

Special Awards

Library of Congress Discovery or Exploration Award

Juliana Hillis and Kaylie O'Connell - "From an Egg, Everything: America's First IVF Baby"
Stoneham High School

Lee Allen History of Baseball Award
Harrison O'Brien - "The Curt Flood Case: Free Agency for Athletes"
Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School

Irish or Irish American History Award
Delia Bartucca
"Easter Rising: Rebellion to Republic"
Philip Coakley Middle School, Norwood, MA

State Finalists and Award Winners, Spring 2014


Historical Papers - Junior division

1st Place -- The Effect of the Denial of the Right to Practice Religion on Russian Composer Pavel Chesnokov - 
                                                                                                                                                 Maya Evohr   (Easton MS)

2nd Place -- Family Rights for Same-Sex Couples: Lambda Legal’s 25-Year Struggle - Bryn Evohr   (Easton MS)

HM ----
“O, damn, Twelve Hundred More”: Denial of Chinese Laborer Rights During the Construction of the First
                                       Continental Railroad
  - Max Serrano-Wu     (Chenery MS)

HM --- -
Rachel Carson's Impact on Environmental Justice: Do  People Have the Right to a Clean Environment? - Nicholas
 Maya Evohr   (Easton MS)

Individual Exhibit

1st Place -1st Place -- Easter Rising: Rebellion to Republic  - Delia Bartucca  (Coakley MS)

2nd Place -- Silent Stars of World War II   -Emma Flynn    (Monsignor H
  Haddad MS)

HM ----
Miranda vs. Arizona: The Rights of the Accused  - Coby Everton   (Rumney Marsh)

HM ---- President Jackson: Protector or Persecutor? Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears - Andrew Thompson   (Monsignor
 Haddad HS)

                                                                            Group Exhibit

1st Place -- The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911 - Christian Rada, Daniel Sullivan, Anthony Spooner    (West Bridgewater
  Middle Senior)
2nd Place – Prohibition - Annie Waters, Emalyn Duvall  (Easton MS)

HM ---- Consumers vs. Animals: The Debate over Animal Rights in Cosmetic Testing  - Theodora Rosen. Madison Conneely
                                                                                                                                                      (Ottoson MS)

HM ---- Malala: The Fight & Right for Education  - Erin Mahoney, Elena Nguyen   (Garfield MS)

                                                                     Individual Performance

1st Place -- Abigail M. Alcott: Weighing Out Womanhood - Maya Parry   (Putnam Ave. Upper School)

2nd Place -- With God On Our Side: An Earlier, And Quieter Integration - Ann Donovan   (Kennedy School)  

HM ---- Singing to the Nation: The Rights of Marian Anderson as a Musician and a Person - Madison Lessard   (Applewild)

HM ---- A Struggle: Rights and Responsibilities of Women in Medieval Europe  - Olivia Bible  (Chenery MS)

                                                                       Group Performance

1st Place -- Into the Flame: One Women’s Responsibility  - Julia Johnson, Kelly Johnsson  (Kennedy School) 

2nd Place -- Let Them Play Ball  - Starvoula Elidis, Jennifer Lima     (Kennedy School)

HM ---- Child Labor During the Industrial Revolution - Kelly Tuyet My Duong, Olivia DaSilva    (West MS)

HM ---- The American Dream: The Opportunity For Prosperity and Success - Nancy Onyejiaka, Isabel Silva, Carlea Dolcine,
                                                                                                                                       Nabila Anandira   (Kennedy School)

                                                                   Individual Documentary

1st Place -- Monkey See, Monkey Don't: The Scopes Trial and the Right to Teach Evolution in Public Schools
Hunter Phelps     (Easton MS)

2nd Place -- Three Mile Island: Rights & Responsibilities in the Nuclear Age - Dennis van Maaren    (Miles River MS)

HM ---- The Evolution and Ramifications of PACs and Super PACs -Zev Dickstein  (Cambridge Street Upper School)

HM ---- Knights and Serfs: Rights and Responsibilities in Medieval Times  -Brigid Kane   (Easton MS)                             

                                                                     Group Documentary

1st Place -- Tuskegee: Trampled Rights/Ignored Responsibilities - Maggie Perrotta, Jacqueline Fibbe  (Miles River MS)

2nd Place -- Mental Institutions - Cristina Boudreau, Katie Stapleton, Sarah Tetrault    (Easton MS)

HM ---- Children During the Industrial Revolution: The Government Recognized the Need for Child Labor Law
   - Khushi Singh, Sophie Krajewski    (Ottoson MS)

HM ---- Henrietta Lachs and Her Everlasting Cells: A Story of Medical Revolution, Rights, and Responsibilities 
       - Emily Agreda, Grace Lyons    (Applewild)

                                                                      Individual Website

1st Place -- The Japanese-American Internment Camps: Officials Held All Japanese Descendants as Hostages in Internment
                                                    Camps and Fear
 - Megan Nguyen    (Rumney Marsh)

 2nd Place -- The 1972 Munich Olympics: The Darkest Day in Olympic History - Daniel Sullivan    (Applewild)

HM ---- American Citizenship - Josue Aguiluz     (Garfield MS)

HM ---- Three Boys. One Radio. One Plan: How the Pamphlets of Helmuth Hubener Challanged the Rights of the People
                                                                                                             Under the Nazi Regime
  - Jia Zhang   (Chenery MS)

                                                                       Group Website

1st Place -- Conflicting Rights and Responsibilities During the Cuban Missile Crisis - Anthony Mitchell, Jack Horsman    

2nd Place -- United States Responsibility vs. Bikini Islanders Rights - James McEwen, Nolan Roche   (Kennedy School)

HM ---- Japanese Internment Camps: No Right to Leave  - Ellen McGrath, HannahTo   (Easton MS)

HM ---- New York Draft Riots - DaMario Brown, Justin Cruickshank, Dylan Rogers   (West MS)

                                                                   SENIOR DIVISION

                                                                     Historical Papers

1st Place -- Smoking and Health: Report of the Advisory Committee to the Surgeon General (1964) and the Transformation
                                                                                          of the Right to Smoke  -
Matthew Reynolds     (Lexington HS)

2nd Place -- The Patent Eligibility Trilogy  - Valerie (May) Tomic    (Lexington HS)

HM ---- The Unexpected Activist - Hannah Jensen   (Hingham HS)

HM ---- An American Broadway  - Jessica Dimmock  (Lexington HS)

                                                                  Individual Exhibit

1st Place -- The Curt Flood Case: Free Agency For Athletes  - Harrison O’Brien    (Hamilton-Wenham)

2nd Place -- The Chinese Exclusion Era: The Rights to Equality and the Responsibility to Work and Family - Michelle
                                                                                                                                                                Wang     (Bedford HS)

HM ---- The Lowell Mill Girls: Spinning Wheels of Change, A Story of Labor Reform - Melissa Zavez   (Winchester HS)

HM ---- The Seneca Falls Convention: Setting the Stage For Women, Sparking the Movement For Rights - Allison Morse 
                                                                                                                                                                       (Stoneham HS)

                                                                   Group Exhibits

1st Place -- Fire at the Triangle  - Annie Li, Brianna Burke     (Hamilton-Wenham)

2nd Place --  “From an Egg, Everything:” America’s First IVF Baby - Juliana Hillis, Kaylie O'Connell    (Stoneham HS)

HM ---- Women in the American Workforce During World War II - Emma Beane, Carly Moulton, Mariah Manter      

HM ---- Scottsboro Boys: Civil Rights Denied, Responsibilities Unfilled - Minna Wang, Jia Lin, Tyler Spencer, Juliana Pena,
                                                                                                                              Douglas, Ciampi     (Oakmont Reg.)

                                                             Individual Performance

1st Place -- Life and Times of Frederick Douglass - Jhoneidy Javier     (St. John’s Prep)

2nd Place -- Irena Sendler’s Jar of Secrets - Julia Kiley    (Norwood HS)

HM ----  “Honor. Duty. Respect.”: Shannon Faulkner Builds a Future for Women at the Citadel - Erin Napier  (Stoneham HS)

HM ---- The Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907 and Its Effect on World War I - Eric Weinreb    (Oakmont Reg.)


                                                               Group Performance

1st Place --  “To Speak for Those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves: George Angell and His Crusade for the Rights of
                                                                                                          Our Dumb Animals" -
Margaret O’Brien, Patrick O'Brien,
                                                                                                        Brendan O'Brien   (O’Brien Home)

2nd Place -- The 9th Commandment: Rights & Responsibilities of the Salem Witch Trials - Helen Chan, Sarah Di, Kimberly Huynh,
                                                                                                    Nicole Tran, Louise Wilensky    (Mystic Valley Regional Charter)

HM ---- Whose Responsibility Is This? Nellie Bly Writes the Wrongs of Insanity Treatment - Megan Laham, Saige Calkins,
                                                                                                                                           Emily Manfra    (Stoneham HS)

                                                          Individual Documentary

1st Place -- The Americans With Disabilities Act: Taking Responsibilities For Their Rights  - Bryn Hennigar  (Hamilton-Wenham)

2nd Place -- Rights & Responsibilities in Conflict: The Boston  Busing Crisis - Owen Ulicny    (Winchester HS)

HM ---- The Armenian Genocide: An Overlooked Catastrophe - Ian Kavanaugh   (Mansfield HS)

HM ---- The Eliot School Rebellion: Religious Liberty and Compulsory Education in 19th Century Boston - Erminia
                                                                                                                                                                  Yoder  (Stoneham HS)

                                                            Group Documentary

1st Place -- What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: The Public’s Right to Know vs. The Government's Responsibility to Protect
Liz Perrotta, Laura Jennings   (Hamilton-Wenham)

2nd Place -- The Right to Education and the Responsibility to Provide It: Horace Mann's Reform of the American Education
                                                                          System -
 Keara Russell, Mary Kalb, Lea Kriesberg, Madeline Allen   (Bedford HS)

HM ---- The Pentagon Papers: The Right to Know - Olivia Quill, Erin Mason, Kristan Heffernan, Elizabeth Gillis   (Hamilton-Wenham)

HM ---- Towards a More Perfect Union: The Fight For Marriage Equality in the United States - Lindsay Kenney, Amanda
                                                                                     Xifaras, Katherine Birch, Marika Xifaras, Bethany Somes (Mansfield HS)

                                                               Individual Website

1st Place -- The Keith Decision: Defending the Constitution - Sophia Palocz    (Weston HS)

2nd Place -- The Nuremberg Trials: An International Responsibility to Uphold Justice - Mary Joens   (Hamilton-Wenham)

HM ---- A Failure of Responsibility: Gorbachev’s Inadequate Preparation to Impart the Rights of Economic Liberalism to the
                                                                                                                                  Soviet People 
 - Rebecca Inz   (Bedford HS)

HM ---- Executive Order 8802: The Responsibility of the Government to Enforce the Rights of African Americans in Defense
 -  Ryan Lanza   (Stoneham HS)

                                                                  Group Website

1st Place -- The Nuremberg Trials: Revolutionizing Rights and  Responsibilities in the International Community -  Sophie
                                                                                     Zacharakis, Nichole Doherty, Jennifer Zhang, Gina Han    (Bedford HS)

2nd Place -- Chernobyl: Recognizing Human Rights and Responsibilities in the Nuclear Industry - Victor Chen, Eric Chen,
                                                                                                                               Alex Chen, Andrew Shpyrko   (Bedford HS)

HM ---- Charles River Bridge v Warren Bridge - Harrison Kurker, Tom Vaccaro, Robert Gravallese, Liam Fitzgerald, Peter Tsakanis  
                                                                                                                                                                         (St. John’s Prep)

HM ---- Dorothea Dix: Reformer For the Mentally Ill  - Madison Poore, Courtney Milot    (Hamilton-Wenham)



Congratulations to all the Massachusetts students who competed
in the Kenneth E. Behring 2014 National History Day Competition!

The Massachusetts History Day Results in the Kenneth E. Behring 2014 National History Day Competition